Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Is Dumbledore really dead ??

"I will have only truely left Hogwarts when no one here are loyal to me!"

Remember those famous words by Dumbledore ? Is J K Rowling hinting on what lies in Book 7 ??

Just like millions of Harry Potter fans , yours truely too felt sad about Dumbledore's death in the 6th edition of Harry Potter series 'The Half-Blood Prince'...but but .. only till the time i went through blog of one my seniors pooja and through it got a link to site which made me sit and wonder..
Is Dumbledore really dead ??

For all Harry fans, its a must see site. Do check out following link

We all are already aware of the tremendous ability of J K Rowling to sustain suspense.The entire HP series is proof of that. Is Rowling planning to create another turn around in the final edition ? Well , only time can say that. As of now , just like rest of fans, me too is waiting eagerly for th final edition to hit the market..