Monday, November 07, 2005

Ganguly-Chappell compromise ??

Couple of weeks ago, an elite panel comprising of Gavaskar, Ravi Shastri and Srinivas Venkataraghavan, met to decide the fate of Indian Cricket which was in crisis followed by spat between Ganguly and coach Chappell.

As any would have guessed, the announcement came after meeting "Ganguly and Chappell would work out thier differnces and work together."

There was no surprise at all in this announcement.It was common sense.If the panel had decided to throw Ganguly out,the result would have been really bad, especially with backing Gangully has from his team mates and public. But it would have been even worser had panel had gone against coach, as it would have questioned the discipline the of the indian team.

So the announcement was more of common sense.But was it really true ? Was there any difference between the announcement and the implementation ? Lets analyze the turn of events after the announcement.

Within days of all important compromise, Ganguly was declared unfit and was pulled out of challenger series. He wasnt considered for the first 3 one-dayers against Sri Lanka desipite being declared fit.

Then after 3rd ODI, the selectors met to decide team for next 2 matches and again Ganguly was sidelined despite making a brilliant 100 in domestic cricket. Reason : Selectors were looking for youngsters. Then how come J P Yadav got into side ??

Today the team for last 2 ODI was announced and yet agian Gangully missed out.

Now point to ponder is whether there was a difference between decission taken and the decission announced. after the BIG meeting ? was the announcement a mere lie to avoid furthur problems that might rise ?

I am not supporting Ganguly. In fact i am more happy that he got sidelined for entire series as it would make sure one thing. Ganguly wouldnt get into side until and unless he is playing cricket at best. and that is really going to be good for indian cricket.

Plus it sends a signal to all players that no player is indisposable.If the man who has a record like Ganguly sit out, then anyone can. You have to perform else you are out. Thats excellant for Indian Cricket.