Sunday, December 04, 2005

Job Interview.

Tell me about yourself
Promise you'll recruit me even if I tell you about myself?

No, it's very difficult for you to implement it. I'll let this question pass. Ask my friend who is next on the line. When he gives you the answer, I am sure you'll recruit me.

Any actual work experience?
Buying groceries for my neighbour who has this pretty daughter called Gayathri.

What did you learn from it?
That Gayathri already had a boyfriend.

Why did you choose this career?
Coz your aptitude test was the only one I cleared.

When did you decide on this career?
When I heard the above news.

Are you a team player?
Yes, if mixed doubles.

Any major problem that you had to deal with recently?
Yes, you.

What is your greatest strength?
My teeth enamel.

If I were to ask one of your professors about you, what would he say?
Bad words.

What are your favourite classes and why?
Library/Seminar. They are free hours.

What do you know about our company?
That they are compassionate towards mentally challenged people.
How do you know?
I know you.

Why is your GradePointAverage not higher?
Because it is directly proportional to the mark you get.

Why should I recruit you?
Your interviewer was large hearted to give you a job, I am sure you are a good person too.