Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Selectors or jokers ?

Selection Committee has announced yet another decission that lacks sense. Ommission of Ganguly for the third test match and reason cited are absolutly absurd. I am not a Ganguly fan but i would still say that you cannt drop him on performance if second test is criteria.

Points to note in this selection.
1. Reason for dropping Ganguly as per given by Kiran More , Chairman of selectors : They cannt drop Yuvraj nor they can ask a great player like Ganguly to sit on bench.
If thats the case , why was that Anil Kumble was on bench for almost 6 months as Harbhajan played as the lone spinner.?

2. Replacement for Ganguly : Wasim Jaffer, Opener
Now this is baffling. Kiran More stated that they dont want to discourage Gambir and hinted that its most likely that Gambir would play. Then Why select another opener in the squad [of course, sehwag is automatic choice now that he is fit]

3. During oneday series , Ganguly wasnt included in squad even after a Century in domestic Cricket. Reason : Dont want to change winning combination
Now this is funny. Hasnt someone informed the selctors that India has won the on-going test match and Ganguly was part of the "winning combination" ?

4. Day selectors announced team for first Test against Sri Lanka, Kiran More announced that Ganguly was given a place in squad as a "all rounder"
Well, its funny that Ganguly didnt bowl in both the test matches.

5 . Ganguly dropped on performance ?
I dont think even selectors would say that. He has scored 39 and 40 in the test match and that is quite a decent score. On other hand , Gambir could even gt into two figures even if all three innings he has played in this series is taken, falling to same bowler in all three innings.

Ganguly was truely out-of form for long, but droppping him on the basis of just concluded test match would be most stupid thing to do.