Saturday, December 24, 2005

Which Tag Will Selectors Choose: Villians or Jokers ?

Its going to be an interesting day for Indian Selectors when they meet today to select the team for upcoming series against Pakistan. The selectors have to make the important decission on weather to include Ganguly in the side or not. Whatevr decission they make, they will come under scrutiny.

1. In case Ganguly is NOT picked :
This will create an big uproar throughout the nation. If the Selectors decide to leave out Ganguly under whom India won the series on its last trip across the border an year ago , they should first make them self mentally prepared to be tagged as "Villians" by milliions of Ganguly fans or under present circumstances, even rest.

2. In case Ganguly IS picked.
If ealier option would make them villian of an entire nation, this decission would make them JOKERS. What explanation would they give for including Ganguly after dropping him for ealier test , keeping in mind that Ganguly hasnt played a single domestic game after Delhi test concluded.

So lets see, which tag will Kiran More n Co. would pick for themself.
PS: An intersting thing to note here is that apart from Kiran More, only two selectors have played cricket for India , one played 7 ODI and another played just 2 ODI.