Friday, February 10, 2006

Kavitha Weds Balajee

So this is the BIG BIG DAY . My kid sister, kavikutty [that's what i call her], is getting married today.

Oh god, i cannt believe that idiot has grown so old that she is getting married. She is so small.

She isnt my real sis, as in , i have no blood relation with her. But, she was more like one. There was always this special bond between us. I know her nicely only in last 3 years, but in that time period, we shared a relation that has a special place in both our lives.

Just like in any siblings relations we too fought a lot. We were really terrible when we fought. We used to fight like cats n dogs. I feel like laughing when i think of reasons for which we used to fight.

She is a very special person in my life. She is my best friend, my philosopher , my guide, my sister and above all was like a little daughter. She was the best. Most adorable, most sweetest , most caring , ....she was just the best in everything.

Anyways , i know its time to part ways. If she was my real sister, i neednt have to part ways with her. But i know i have to do it in our case.

But i wish my kavikutty and my jeejaji Balajee all the very best in life as they step into a new life. All my wishes prayers and blessings are with my kid. God bless the couple with all joys in life.

If anyone is reading this blog, please pray for the newly wedded couple.

If i pray anything to god, than its that next birth let she be my sis.i dont want any one like her, cos i know there is noone like my kavikutty.

Anyways Congrats to Mr. & Mrs Balajee. God Bless you.