Saturday, August 26, 2006

Indian Politics

Politics or its functioning (isn't malfunctioning a better word ??) has never been my fields of interest.I suck if asked about any MP or even CM of state.

But two incidents that happent over last 2 weeks did caught my eye.

It was horrifying image to see so-called leaders litterally fighting it out in the home of indian democracy, the indian parliament. But a more shamefully incident occured few days earlier

First incident was an interview shown in NDTV on eve of I-Day. NDTV interviewed couple of MP's and asked few basic question about india. it was shocking to know so called Member's of parliament didn't know who wrote the indian national anthem, which was indian national anthem and on the worst, they didnt know full name of the father of nation.

I have never casted my vote in elections and i feel i have done right thing. who should we vote for ? till now we have seen ministers who dont know to read n write. now we have ones who dont know what is national anthem.