Friday, October 27, 2006

Media Lines

Media has been a boon of the century.(i am just talking about News coverage here) The speed with which news travels today was a distant dream a century ago. Media persons working 24x7 deserves all kudos , but i would like to point to another aspect in this write up.

Shouldnt media be resposible for the news it telecasts ? When media is sure that certain piece of news could increase tension and spread terror , should media take rsposibility and decide against broadcasting it ??

i would like point to very recent email received threatening danger to PM's life. By sending the mail, espcially to more than one top officials, it was very clear that the intension of the sender was not to "act on his words" , but rather spread the terror.

What is terrorism ?? its not about mere killing , its about spreading terror and this is exactly what the managed to do with his email. The publicity media gave to the news made sure everyone across the sit glued to the tv set and , the so called terrorist (we are yet to confirm it was a terrorist activity or a prank) managed to use our own resources to spread the terror without even killing an ant.

The guilt doesnt lie entirely with media. The top officials should have made sure such a news is not leaked out to media . That doesnt mean they shouldnt have done any action, they could have taken action without public glares and could have increased PM's secuirity without anyone knowing.

But what happent here was the so called terrorist succeeded in spreading terror with the aid of our own reliable resources.

This is were media need to draw its lines. It should take resposibility and ensure that news that is being telecast dont create unneccessary panicks.