Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Munna Bhai ..Bole to

There are movies that make us laugh , there are movies that make us cry, there are movies that make us think. What if we get it all together , and not just once, but twice. Thats what Munnabhai series is all about.

Bang with a Bang !! Thats ideal way to put the return of Munnabhai.

Commercially, I dont think there is any movie sequel in India that has got as much success as the story of the lovable goon. Star cast seems to ideal. Sanjay Dutt as Munnabhai and Arshad Warsi as Circuit is irreplacable.

The makers would have been under more pressure while making the second edition than the first installment as they had to live upto the expectation.O boy, didnt they raise to expectation. In fact, they have done even better.

But suceess of the series lies far from the monetary gains it got.From the "Jaadu ki jappi" to "Ghandhigiri", no movie series would have told us such simple but important lessons in such funny manner. The success of Munnabhai series lies in fact that in both, it never preeches , yet made us realize importance of how small things can do wonders.

Well Mr Hirani, we are waiting for your third edition.