Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Red Emperor

Will the "Red Emperor" climb the top of podium for one last time ? will we see the Drivers Championship go once again to the man who single handedly changed the face of F1 ??? well , all these answers will be answered before sun goes down today.

But there are things that we already know answer for. That Schumacher's records will take some time to approach let alone broken. That he will be missed in the F1 tracks. That , he was the greatest driver F1 had ever seen.

The greatness of schumi is not counted by the trophies in his showcase, but the fans he brought to F1. No single driver, not even the great Ayrton Senna, could bring in as many people to F1 as much Schumi did. It wouldnt be wrong to say that, F1 owes the glamour it enjoys today to Schumi.

Now , what are his chances today in Brazil ? well, practically, oddes are against him. Not only has has to win from a 10th pole position, but he also has to hope Alonso fails to get to top 8. Consipiracy theories like Massa taking Alonso out is on cards , but well, even people who critises Ferrari and Schumi to hatch such a plan would be knowing in thier inner self that The King deserve to bow out in style. Schumi himself might have said at the end of Japan GP that the chances are over, but well , he wont be schumacher if he is to give up so early.

Whatever be, Schumi will always be remembered as greatest F1 driver ever. He is what Pele is to football, Bradman And Sachin to Cricket. Lets hope that The Red Emperor bows in styles.