Thursday, November 09, 2006

Scripted Reality ??

Reality Shows seems to be the buzz word for TV channels with each channel bringing out one after another. With Sony , reality shows is fast becoming a permanent fixture in their itinerary. Yet again another adaption of a successfully international series is the next on line.Big Boss, inspired from Big Brother is the next offering of Sony.

But is these reality shows real ? or staged ?? Quite a lot arguement has already gone into this account. My take on the arguement ??? well, i dont know about the predeccesors , but Big Boss certainly seems more of a staged drama rather than a reality shows.

Celebrities assembled and the kind of drama shown truely put doubts over the authenticity of the show. Taking an example out of the show, its unexplanable how suspicion rose against the identity of the mole among the celebrities as they are complelty out of contact with the outside world.

Even in other reality contests, the drama's made by the judges seems more like taken from a film writer's script rather than normal reactions.

So how real is the reality shows ?? well , probably we will never know...and unfortunately, the scripted reality continues.....