Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Will the Oz Phoenix rise again ?

While everyone rejoices the fall of Aussie power, i am kinda scared. Why ? Well, the history says it all. Every time Aussies were pushed back, they have come back so strongly in the very next series that no force could stop them.

Remember the World Series just after Ashes embarrassment? Even the best in the world failed stop the Aussie revenge march. So such humiliation just before the World cup means, you could see a very strong comeback by Oz in West Indies.

But it’s definitely shocking to note that Oz power was dented 5 times in a row.They also suffered their first ever 10 wicket loss in ODI history.The result of defeats is that they lost their number uno spot for first time ever since ranking were introduced in 2002.They also lost the Chappell-Hadlee trophy 3-0, does anyone remember when Australia was whitewashed last time ???

Another humiliating point to note is that the 4 biggest run chases in ODI history has come at the price of Oz pride and noticeably, 3 of 4 times the Kiwi’s were Australia’s nemesis.

Phew…so we do have a mouthwatering contest on cards when world cup begins next month.Will the Phoenix named Oz rise once again from the ashes ? lets wait n watch