Saturday, March 24, 2007

A World Cup "Not" to remember...

What a world cup it is turning out to be. It has been one filled with "events" , but unfortunatly, the kind of event that we would like to forget.

It started on 17th of March, the dreaded saturday, when two of cup's leading contenders fell to men who are way down the ranking ladder.

Pakistan's defeat against Ireland were to take more tols in coming days. It shocking defeat confirmed an early exit from the world cup, but more were yet to follow the Pakistan team. A day later, the most unfortunate thing happen as thier coach and leading figure in World cricket, Bob Woolmer was found unconcious and later declared dead.

But this was just begining of the worst nightmare for the game of cricket. Less than a week later, the Jamaican Police announed the news which ripped the entire world. Bob Woolmer was murdered !!!

As I write this article, another title contender is making its way out of the world cup before even making it to super 8. The India team would need to pack thier bags as thier famous batting line shattered against the Sri Lankans.

Something to strange to note, which was brought to notice by a friend of mine, India had lost the 2003 final on March 23, 2003 . This again turned out to be another March 23.

This has been truely a world cup to remember, but certainly for all the wrong reasons.