Sunday, June 10, 2007

It happens only in India

It seems how much developed we become, we just cannt stop ourself in saying "It happens only in India" , thanks to so called leaders.

Let me not plunge into other controversial topics and concentrate of the latest political commotion to ban orkut. Now these leaders are working on banning it cos in some groups in orkut, some controversial messages were put up. I agree the messages weren’t in best interest, but what is the meaning of banning the community ?

If such message was posted, by banning community , another medium will be selected for posting the messages by whomsoever who did it. What wrong did orkut do for that ? Would the leaders ban everything ? Ban mails ? ban bloggers ? what all will they ban ?

As a avid computer freak, I am a regular user of orkut and has really been a fan of it as it provided platform for meeting lots of people. There are many good sides to it.

I guess this happens only in India. I wish atleast educated people would take some steps to put sense into people who are making issue of everything and banning everything.