Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Having a good car doesn't make you a Schumacher

I recently read an article in one of the newspapers which pointed out on some interesting facts, which I thought is quite true from my personal experience in this software field.

What do a good F1 car and softwares have in common ?? well, both needs to be in right hands to get its maximum utility.

Many non-IT organizations are moving towards automating their processes and this trend is only going to increase. Good sign at the first glance, isn’t?? There is nothing wrong in it, but just like the old saying of all that glitters is not gold, these changes have also another face to it.

It is quite alarming that a recent survey pointed out that almost 50 percent organization implementing ERP would be going for a major upgrade in less than 3 years. And this is not a one time business, almost every 2-3 years; these organizations undergo a major upgrade to their software. This would mean pooling in extra money and time.

You needn’t scratch your head much to find an answer to this. Those organizations didn’t have a proper process in place nor did they know exactly what they wanted.

Many a times we software engineers are asked to develop ERP or similar applications where the clients isn’t particularly sure of their requirements, just because they don’t have a process in place in their organizations. What these organizations need to understand is that bringing in a ERP or CRM application wouldn’t bring in a good ROI unless and until you know what your are doing and what you are capable of. The first step any organization planning to implement ERP or similar applications would be to clearly define and implement their processes.

The golden rule should be “Fix your organization and processes before you even think about automating.” A good car doesn’t make you a Schumacher.