Saturday, December 20, 2008

3 wise men

They traversed the silvery snow
And trekked the emerald forest
But they found their greatest treasure
Only when they conquered the scorching desert

With the star as their guiding light
The 3 wise men came from the east
Bowing on their knees, they found the greatest joy
At the feet of The savior, the Lord.

As we walk down aisle of life
Doesn’t life hold the same for us ?
Don’t we go through the same
As did the 3 wise men ?

Weathering the chilling winter
Smiling through the falling autumn
We find the joys of serene spring
Only after basking the searing summer

With knowledge as our guiding light
And selflessness as our trait
We find the greatest joy, when we join hands
In love, respect and friendship.