Thursday, January 29, 2009

Politicians or Thrash cans !!

Way to go India !! Today you have political party acting moral police and beating up youths !!! and guess what ?? the Idiots we have elected and put in the ministry to guard us says "well done" !!!!

To be really frank, the words that come to my mouth on seeing what happent in Manglore and hearing the politicians react, are so "sweat" that I cannt put it up in my blog !!!!

Instead of shutting the Goodaisim in the name of moral police, the super genius politicians are saying that pubs should be banned !! What a twist in tale to cover that they did !!

I absolutely loved the way Raghu Ram from MTV reacted to the interview in Headlines today. If woman is said to have equal rights in this country , why should they be banned from doing all that men do ? If , as per, the very wise moral security guard who was in the show with Raghu, the problem is that when men drink, they loose theier senses and misbehave. Then my answer is exactly what Raghu said, men should be banned from pub not woman. It is like, since men will do wrong, lets ban woman. What a beautiful piece of equality in the great country !!!

and remember this is same country where just about same day , another politician's "second" wife created a drama of kidnapping her hubby, same country where politicians son's are indulged in drugs, driving after consuming alcohol and roam scott free, a land where some brainless politician in mumabi say that north indian should be ousted from the state and the question the role of NSG commandoes who laid down thier life battleing in Taj, a place where terrorists acts are said to be not terrosims because they are done by hindu ??

We should be proud that we have a set of genius politicians who instead of focusing on the issues like terrorism or recession that is hitting the state so badly now, is focusing on making mountain out of a hole.

Please stop the hindu-muslim thing, every act against humanity is terrorism. Kill them from roots. We youth doesnt care if i am a Keralite or Kasmiri, South Indian or North Indian, Please put that your stupid ideologies in thrash, not in our minds. We the youth is far matured than the fossiled mind of the rotten heads that rule our state. If you have no other work to do, go home and sit at your home. Dont eat our head.

As Raghu said, probably the next thing they should ban is education because, what is use of filling in brains if we the youth are supposed to do only what our genious leaders thing. And please yaar, can any one bring a retirement age for politicians, seems once someone get old, their minds starting working in opposite way.