Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Chadni Chawk to China : Movie Review

Finally after such a long break I am writing a movie review. But really, I just couldn’t wait to start writing about this wonderful movie.

Never in my dreams did I think that such a hyped movie can turn out to be such horrifying disaster !!!! I think audience should sue Nikhil Advani and co for torturing us for such a long time. Being a action comedy, the only way you could laugh in this movie is by laughing at yourself to be in a theatre to watch a disaster.

By the time the movie reach its intermission, you would banging your head asking "Oh God, what have I done wrong to see this !!". I would suggest Indian Govt should give captured Terrorist Ajmal Kasab a copy of this movie to watch as a punishment for the cruelty in Mumbai.

Gals and guys, if you have an enemy, please do them the favor of buying tickets for this movie. They will never trouble you again.

But you get the RUDEST SHOCK in the last sequence of the movie, when the Sequel of the movie is announced. That's one movie i am surely NOT looking forward to see.