Saturday, March 28, 2009

Elections: Is there anyone worthy to be Voted for ?

"Vote for XYZ" posters seems covered every inch of walls as I drive down toward my office. Yes, the election in worlds biggest democracy is fast approaching and no political party is leaving any stone unturned to promote their candidate.

I am 25 years of age but I don’t regret when I say I haven't voted in my country's election yet. The reason is simple, I just don’t believe in the so called leaders of the state.

If you look at the Indian Cricket Team, a captain like MS Dhoni is someone we adore because he leads by example. He is someone the team believes in and he is made the entire indian fans believe in him. But that’s not the scenario in Indian Politics. It is pretty to sad to say this, but there is not a single political party or individual who makes you feel that here is a person who you can trust.

Even though politics is something I hate talking about,A recent event in the Indian politics has made me write this..I had written in a blog entry earlier about the insensitiveness of a Delhi CM following death of a lady journalist and politicians supported "Moral Police Goons" taking law into their hands.

Just as when I thought politicians would try to keep their image clean during Elections to woe hearts of voters, came the thunderbolt named Varun Ghandhi.

This guy seems to have either few nuts loose or seems to born & bought up in Taliban. It was pathetic to hear this guy thrashing the secular image of india by swearing to send Muslims to Pakistan or cut their heads off.

India has been a state that has a diverse collection of people speaking different languages, following different religions and principles living a peaceful life. Kids has been taught from school days about the secularism in India. Now here comes a young politicians who is breathing fire on Muslims and spreading communal hatred.

And what’s more ?? Day he is arrested , his mom Maneka Ghandhi comes out with a statement that a Muslim Police officer had ordered firing on the mob that were trying to create a riot following Varuns arrest.

I have always respected Maneka Ghandhi for her contribution towards the wildlife and animal protection activities she has been involved. Probably that respect would no longer exist following her statement today which could well ignite a major communal riot in the country.

At first I thought Mrs Ghandhi had spend so much time with animals that she bought her son up in same lines, but now it seems she herself too had picked up a trait or two from them.

Probably Varun is following his dad's footprints.Who can forget Sanjay Ghandhi's role in imposing emergency in 1975 and his misuse of power held by mother Indira.Following wrong footsteps is not a new in Indian politics, after all,not much time has passed after Raj Thackeray tried to emulate his uncle in Maharastra.

Man, how can anyone wish such people to lead the nation ? Worst part of story is the man who is said to be the lead runner for the post of Prime Minister is the same person who was leading the charge in a rally which lead to biggest bloodshed India has ever seen. The riots following the Babri Masjid demolitions and unholy alliance of Advani & rioters is something which would have many groaning in disgust if he becomes the Indian PM.

Probably the last individual to have donned a political cap and yet won respect of free-thinkers (ones who are not attached to any political party) is APJ Abdul Kalam. He was one person who could be looked upto and one who could be a hero or role model.