Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why did you leave me?

[Dedicated to a very dear friend]

Words would flatter and fumble, if I were to describe what you meant to me
For we were best of friends, or was it just me
It wasn’t long ago when we shared joys and tears
Though, it feels ages now, for the scars and distance that remains
O friend, why did you go away?

You were the sunshine who woke me from the darkness of solitude
Holding hands, you bought a wandering soul back to life
Like a true friend, you picked me up when I was down
And with affection of a sister, you turned my life around.
I never knew this world was so beautiful
Until your innocence became my eyes
Neither did I realize dark clouds spreading over the blue sky
Until you faded away far into oblivion

I still remember the day you said good bye
The moment when I felt lonely in the crowd
By now tears have dried and soul empty,
As if engulfed by a numbing fog
Pathetic smile hid pain in my heart,
As dagger of loneliness penetrate me inside
And utter silence of vacuum filled my ears and world

O friend, why did you leave me? Questions that will haunt me forever
O sister, did I ever hurt you? Answers I seek in your eyes
I said sorry, albeit I didn’t know what I did wrong
For you were the blessings, that giving meaning to life that had none
But O dear, if only you could hear me once
Will you tell me reason why you left me?