Thursday, April 16, 2009

Being Infamous is NOT Famous.

Earlier in the day I was severely criticized by friends for not casting my vote in general election, but my answer to them was simple, name a single a candidate who is worthy of being voted ?

My approach stood vindicated later in the day when a senior advocate of Indian judiciary thought of earning some fame for himself. The advocate, who answers to the name Sudhir Kumar Ojha, seems to have forgot that "Being Infamous is NOT Famous". Wonder when people would understand this simple rule of universe.

Advocate has filed "criminal case" against M S Dhoni and Harbhajan for not attending the award function. The cricketers are charged under IPC 499 ( defamation ), 503 ( criminal intimidation ) and 504 ( intentional insult with intend to provoke breach of the peace).

I agree this is one of the highest award for any indian sportsman and respect the sanctity of the award, but dude, you got to respect the cricketers who get to spend only 2-3 days with their families in months. And for that if you are going to file criminal charges, Mr.Sudhir Kumar, you are making a mockery of Indian Judiciary.

My Message for Sudhir Kumar would be simple , MSD and Bhajji has done far more for the nation than you could do with all your service. If you really are hungry for fame, better try out some other profession mate.