Monday, April 20, 2009

Strategic Commercialized BREAK

The Indian Premier League was , is and will be always going to be all about fast-paced cricked and lots of money. The franchises who had pooled in monstrous amount of money to get the best in world in their team, did make sure they get it back by various marketing methods.

But how could the organizers be left behind ? We saw that in the last season as well, but this time round, they took it to all new level.

The so called cleverly devised "strategic break" seems to have a sole intention - get the commercial in and fill in your purses. Lalit Modi's explanation about the breaks makes him looks absolutely idiot and he seems to think the general public would buy that.

For the sake all those who are not quite following IPL, let me just explain what it is all about. The strategy break is a 7 and half minute break, that happens at the end of 10 overs. Modi's explanation is this would allow teams to get their thoughts together and avoid 12th man running in every now and then carrying message from the dug out.

The organizers are licking their lips on the money that is going on roll out in form of TV Commercials, but what it has done is it has taken the momentum out of the game. 20 20 is all about massacre and innovative cricket, but all 5 matches I have seen so far in this edition of IPL, saw the breaks causing disaster for the batting side.

CSK was coasting at 100 in 10 overs when they break came in and next two balls on other side of break saw two settled batsman falling and along with it the momentum CSK had.

So Mr. Modi, your brain child IPL is definitely a treat to watch, but please don't kill the goose that lay golden eggs with ideas such this.