Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thomankuth , a weekend break.

When tight schedules in the office starts taking toll of you, it is time to take a break away from the laptops and deadlines. First thing that cross your mind is to break away from the fast moving life of city and spend time where even your cell phone doesn't have range.

That's exactly I did as I decided to go the wild Thomankuth near Idukki district in kerala. This beautiful virgin forest is known for it's seven step waterfalls.

We start at 7.30 in morning from Ernakullam and via Muvatupuzha and Thodupuzha reached the serene Thomankuth by 10.30.

The 2 hour car was fantastic, but much more was in store for us. The trekking in the green forest along the waterfalls was surely a memory to treasure.

Aaagh, i wish i had a tripod during this trip. The waterfalls were really mesmerizing, but my shaky hands did spoil the snaps whenever i tried a slower shutter speed.