Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A movie to remember

Some movies are meant to be forgotten, while others leave a lasting impression on you. But there are some movies, which remembered for reasons other than what you saw on screen. "Wake up Sid" turned out to be one in the last category, sadly.

The idea of late night movie at Sridhar in Cochin is something we have enjoyed doing for ages, but this particular night turned out to be different. As soon as i stepped out of theatre i realized i had 3 flat tyres !!! and as if icing on cake, a couple of scratches on the side of my car. Fortunately or unfortunately, i wasn't the only one who were cursing the night, 2 other cars experienced the same.

Probably this is one of the sign of Cochin turning out to be a "chotta mumbai". Finally, by the time i reached back home , it was 3PM in night. A movie ticket worth 45 turned out to be worth more than 2000 :(