Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Prejudiced Mind

It is quite interesting how human mind can see a single thing in two different ways. This is quite similar to seeing a cup with 50% content as Half Full or Half Empty. In nearly all cases, this is result of a prejudiced mindset.

Friends become enemies in blink of an eye. Reason: Prejudiced Mind. An action done with all sincerity is suspected before one could even understand the logic behind suspicion, Reason , Yet again Prejudiced mind.

We humans tend to be so narrow minded at times that even normal things start looking weird. We cannot blame what is happening around us for it. The reason is how we make our mind think. Why are we so opinionated? What is that prevents us from putting our self in other persons shoes and think like them at least once before we form an opinion?

I have seen many people who take pride in saying that once they form an opinion, they never change it. They say that they will stick to it even if the opinions that were formed were against their own family members. They call it their mental strength or determination. But my dears, as much as I respect your statements, why don’t you try to see the world through other person’s eyes before making an opinion.

I have heard people say that even if a person do nice things whole day and makes a small mistake in the last second of the day, then they would like to see that mistake more than the good things. For them, a mistake is crime, but dears, what about good things that person has done till then? If that person is ready to apologize for the mistake, doesn’t the person concern need to think about it again?

All this is due to the prejudiced mindset of human beings. They want to see the world according to their wish. It is more a Reel World for them than Real World, a world they had orchestrated in their mind when reality is far from it. Strange principles , I must say.