Saturday, February 13, 2010

Diwali in February

Coming weekend seems to be time for celebration of the famous trio of Shiv Sena-MNS-Ram Sena. So called Moral police has two reasons to showcase their so called moral responsibilities as SRK Starrer MINK releases in the same weekend on which Valentine’s Day Falls. I guess all activist of the 3 groups would have been training hard to repeat what they did during Valentines day preceding year. This year they even got a bonus. MINK. Early Diwali for the trio I guess.

Pun apart , it is high time we put such anti-elements behind bars. The atrocities they did last year are still fresh in every youths mind and it is no wonder that the GenX smiled in unison when Rama Sena supreme’s face was blackened recently. Who are they to say which movie to watch and which not to? Is India still a democratic secular country? So much for just gaining Marathi Votes ? The greed for votes made them even question the Mumbaiker who is whole of world is proud of, the man who answer to the name Sachin Tendulkar. Just because he said he belongs to whole of India ?

I guess if we were to follow the paths of the trio, especially MNS and Shiv Sena , we should remove the lessons of humanity, secularism and democracy for from the text school books from young children, because when they grow up, that is not what they are going to experience around them.

Time to sign off for the day, but not before saluting the spirit of common-man Mumbaikar who came out to theatres despite Sena threats.