Monday, March 13, 2006

An ExtraOrdinary Game of Cricket !!!

Unbelievable, Extraordinary , breathtaking , unimaginable ...all adjectives would be fail to describe what happent at Wanderers on 12th of March, 2006. No person who was saw the spectacular feat on the ground or on TV, would never forget it.

Before this day , no team in the history of game had scored over 400 runs in ODI.Australia did it, in fact scored 34 runs more. But still ended up in the loosing side as South Africa chased down a mamoth 434 runs to clinch the match and series.

On a night that saw records tumbling like never before, viewers all around the globe were treated with a once in a life time feat. Prominent records that fell on the day include

Highest ODI Score : 438/9 SA
Hightest Score By a team batting Second : 438/9
Highest Match Aggregate : 872/13
Most Sixes in a match : 26
Most Expensive Bowling Figures : 113/0 By Mick Lewis

There is no words to describe this match. may be the best way to conclude would be to say i had the privilage of watching the GREATEST EVER ODI !!