Sunday, October 08, 2006

Broken Dreams....

Sports is unpredictable...the theory proved itself once again in the Japaneese GP almost ending the dreams of Schumacher of signing off in style..

In the previous entry , yours truely had discussed how The great Schumi can clinch the title before he enters brazil. But unfortunetly, an engine failure turned the tables upside down.

After leading almost 30 laps from the start, Schumacher was forced out of the race when his engine let him down. This give Alonso a clear cut advantage as he moves to Brazil. Alonso, now needs to ensure that he ends in podium or Schumacher failing to win the race. Either way, it will Alonso who would be clinching the title.

For Schumacher, well the chances are odd now. He not only has to win in Brazil but also Alonso shouldn't be able to make it to the podium if Michel wants to win his 8th Drivers Championship title.

What a twist in tale did Japan produce. The fairy tale which was going so well for the Ferrari And Schumacher ended with thier engine letting them down.

Can Land of Samba produce yet another twist ? It now seems hoping against odds now. But whatever be the result, will be remembered as one the greatest F1 has ever seen along with Ayrton Senna, not just for records you have set, but the way you did it.