Saturday, October 07, 2006

Can Suzuka be the "Grand Finale" ??

The F1 moves to the penultimate race of the season , but can this be the Grand Finale we all are waiting for ??

Ever since the great Schumi announced his plans to retire at the end of season, all eyes were on him to see if he can sign off with yet another Champions title.

With Masa and Schumi himself taking top two pole positions at the Suzuka at Japaneese GP and Alonso at 5th, there is a chance that the race for Champions title will be sealed in Japan itself.

Schumi winning the race and Alonso failing to make a place in podium would clearly clinch the title before he enters Brazil.

If the practise session is said to suggest something, Michael Schumacher / Ferrari / Bridgestone combination clearly holds an upper hand over the Renualts And Alonso.

so, plug in your TV sets on sunday, its THE race day.