Sunday, December 03, 2006

Dhoom Again

Yet another weekend and it was time to catch up with some movies.This time it was Dhoom 2 and these are my views
regarding the same.

To start with, move over typical hero's. Its time for the bad guys to over shadow the good ones.How much ever Abhishek tries, its the bad guys who steals the show , whether its John of Dhoom or Hrithik of the sequel.

But the movie as a whole lacks the intensity and magic of the prequel. The main culprit being the romantic angle in the story line. The success of Dhoom was its intense, edge of the seat story line. But here, the romantic angle drags the story. Also the dialogues lacks the razor sharpness which was the trademark of the ealier version.

The hightlight of the movie is Hrithik.This is his movie all the way.His screen presence is charismatic and the dance sequences on him just leaves you spell bound.I really doubt anyone would have noticed the credits being displayed during the title song as the Roshan junior mesmerizes the song.

Other hightlights include the high tech robberies and different disguieses Hrithik is seen in the movie. Rest of cast turns out to be as stale as the story line.

My verdict..well you got to watch it for Hrithik.Movie as a whole may lack the intensity orginal but is worth watching. As said in the title song , "Dhoom again will be a roller coaster ride"