Thursday, January 11, 2007

7 losses, 1 win...and then you pay for the win...

Indian cricket teams african safari was nothing short of a nightmare. After being slaughtered 5-nill in the ODI and loosing the Test series, team's only consolation was winning the first test. But even before team touched home soil, even the test win turned out to be a forgettable memory as they were asked to pay for the damage caused while team was celeberating the success.

Anyone who saw the test, would definetly remember how indian team went bizarre after winning.Champagnes were poured each other and sprayed all over the place. At that moment, a treat to watch, after all, it was first ever win in South African soil.

But as soon as India boarded flight, they were greeted by announcement that BCCI will have to pay for the damage done during the celeberation.

Quite a tour, isn't. You have humiliating loss in ODI, followed by test, and only consolation win you got, you have to pay for. This is called good fortunes ;)