Thursday, December 28, 2006

Tracking Thy Footprints...

Another year bids adieu and its time to change your drawing room calendars and welcome the dawn of 2007 with warm heart. It is perhaps apt time to gather your thoughts and see yourself through the rear view mirror, tracking the footprints left by thyself.

What was 2006 for me ? great ?? yes…Bad ??? yes….it was quite a mixture I guess.

The start was great. In fact it will be most treasured moment for me. My little sister’s marriage. Any brother’s out there would understand when I say that was greatest moment for me. She is my best friend, my guide, my little sister, almost like a daughter. So, seeing her getting married was most cherished moment for me.

Professional life got a touch of personal in this year and I faced problems which I was pretty sure I would never have to. Probably this is why it is said that its impossible to predict the swaying of pendulum of life.

Finally had to leave the warm shadows of the umbrella called home during the dusk of 2006 pondering where I will be when first rays of 2007 embraces me.