Sunday, September 30, 2007

Microsoft Excel 2K7 is Going Back to School

Microsoft Excel 2007 is going to back to school and guess for what ?? Learning Maths !!!!

David Gainer, a Microsoft Employee himself, has pointed out in his blog entry that Excel 2K7, makes multiplication error when multiplying some pairs of number which should result in value 65,535. However Excel 2K7 incorrectly gives it as 1,00,000 !!

Gainer said Excel makes mistakes multiplying 77.1 by 850, 10.2 by 6,425 and 20.4 by 3,212.5, but the program appears to be able to handle 16,383.75 times 4.

Same issues applies to pairs of numbers which should result in 65,536.

Gainer said the bug is limited to six numbers from 65,534.99999999995 to 65,535, and six numbers from 65,535.99999999995 to 65,536, and that Microsoft is working hard to fix the problem.

Now thats going back to school and picking up your Multiplication tables.