Friday, September 28, 2007

Queen of My Heart

She is my life..
And is my sunshine
But I am in shadows
Yet am happy..

She is my world..
And Her smiles , my heart beats
But I know those smiles aren't for me
Yet am beaming..

I love talking to her..
I cherish listening to her
But I know this wont last for long
Yet that doesn’t leave me gloomy..

I do dream to hold her hands..
And walk in the rains
But I know it will always remain my fantasy
Yet Believe me, it never pains..

I like to see the nightly star..
With her head resting on my shoulder
But I know that’s moment that would never come
Yet that’s something I least bother..

She is a kid I like to pamper..
She a friend I like to share all my secrets
But I am not the one she sees as her future
Yet that doesn’t stop me from loving her..

Am happy seeing her life in sunshine..
Am beaming seeing her smile
Am not gloomy as I treasure these moments
Am loving cos that only thing I can do..

She is cute, she is sweet..
She is mad, she is childish..
But whatever she be..
She will always be
"Queen of My Heart"