Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 and India.

As the world prepares itself for the final dawn of 2008, I was recollecting the major events which I myself would remember.

On the darker side, 2008 was a year when the Indian were rocked by a series of bloodshed. Whether it was the serial blasts that rocked Banglore and Ahmedabad, or the inhuman act of insane terrorism in Mumbai, the entire nation were shaken. While the bomb blasts put the common man on guard, the Mumbai shooting bought him to the streets. Angered, but united, the common man had decided enough was enough and decided to show its emotions.

On the high side, 2008 saw India achieving greater highs in Technology and Sports. While the Chandrayan would enrich in memory as a historic milestone in Indian Space programs, Tata’s Nano bought colors to common mans dreams of owning a car. The Indian Sports too touched its peak when India return with its best ever Olympic collection. The cricket maniac country had more to cheers as the Dhoni’s devils challenged and conquered the mighty Aussies. With South Africa also winning the Test Series in Australia, it wouldn’t be too long before we see a change of world order. Come 2009, and South Africa might just even perform the last rites by winning the third and final test in Australia.