Monday, January 12, 2009

Golden Globe for Rehman.

A Golden Day for Indian Fim Industry, as A R Rehman became the first Indian to receive the prestigious Golden Globe. I wouldn't say India should call the movie itself Indian since it's basically Danny Boyle's baby and he truely made a story based in India, International.

But for Rehman, every Indian can be proud of this day. This mozart from madras has given innumorous soul stiring melodies over the past 16 years. Most people in India remember 1992 Roja as the start of the Rehman era, but we Keralaties had the oppurtunity of listening to his midas touch same year in another album, his first and only Malayalam movie, Yodha.

If you were asked to pick his best till date, i would bet you would scratch your head. Who would be able to pick soul stiring of Puthu velai manam from Roja, or the haunting Bombay theme or Naheen saamne from Taal or and list goes on. These songs were just the melodies from the maestro, how about the foot tapping numbers ?? So what did i say , dont even dream of picking best of Rehman, you just simply cant pick the best from the best !!!