Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Do's and Don'ts at Wild

I recently visited the Periyar Tiger Reserve and even though I wasn't exactly trekking, the boat service which I took was enough to mesmerize me. The dense forest, engulfed with mist the beautiful man-made lake at its heart. If you are seek peace, this is the place to be.

I will go on and on if I were talk about this place, but my intension of this blog is something else.  Hundreds visit the sanctuary every day, but how many of them truly are here to see the fauna found here ? Out of the people who seek the wild sighting, how many understand the do's and don’t of the place ? I would say, only very people who come to the place actually maintain the rules that is required within a forest.

There was this 5 member gang in the boat I took who were constantly chatting and laughing loud for the entire duration of the trip. The primary rules while visiting any wild or bird sanctuary is to maintain salience.  The forest is home to these animals who seek safety within its dense vegetation. Human voices alerts them and they will move away from the source of noise.

But not everyone understands it or bother to understand it. The above mentioned guys in boat were laughing so loudly that even humans would be scared off, let alone poor animals.  How I wish I had power to throw them off the boat. It wasn't just this group, there were others as well. Two women sharing their stories of latest episode of TV Serial, kids who were left to make noise by unconcerned parents and the list goes on.

Here is a small list of do's n don'ts I really wish people maintain during such trips.

Don’t expect to see animals  - Ironically that's the first rule.  Expectations can frustrate you and can lead to do things which you aren't supposed to do. You need to be extremely patient.

Maintain silence  - Avoid unnecessary chats . Its going to scare away the animals. Keep your mobiles in silient mode. Remember, Unnatural sound and natural wonders don't mix.

Leave kids at home - This might be cruel, but kids too young are better to be left at home.  They get too excited or scared at wild sightings which will again scare away the animals.

Don't wear flashy dresses & Don't wear anything that smells unnatural - Animals have a better  sense of smell than us. Anything unnatural and they would prefer to seek safety of wild.

Don't use Flash when taking photos - Avoid usage of flashes when shooting animals.

Don't feed animals - Animals know to look after themselves. Please don’t trouble  yourself to feed them, it might hurt them.

There are many websites in the internet which provides you detailed description of does and don'ts in wild. If you really enjoy the forest and want to see animals in their natural habitats, make sure you read them before go in.