Sunday, December 24, 2006

Cusat Answer sheets in movie ??

Yesterday I went to watch Mohanlal starrer “Baba Kalyani”. Don’t worry, this isn’t a review of the same. But it does have to do something with it.

It the movie, the villain , portrayed by Indrajith , who is a professor, is shown correcting and later mindlessly tampering the answer sheet. No problem with the scene, but what caught my eye was the answer sheet.

It was a Cusat answer sheet with cusat watermark and all the markings as in a typical cusat answer sheet. Now I believe that the cusat answer sheet papers , even if its empty is not supposed to taken out of the university premises , let alone used for any other purposes.

Now, how did the makers of movie get hold of so many answer sheets??? Or was it mere replicas ??

Well we might never know whether it is an flaw on Cusat side or a case of too perfection from makers of movie. But if its earlier , then it’s a serious issue.